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I have 2 new books publishing this year, and WORST-CASE COLLIN (coming Sept 28, 2021 with Charlesbridge) is especially close to my heart. While it is very much a work of fiction, this contemporary MG novel-in-verse is also one of the most personal books I’ve written. I'll be sharing a lot more in the coming months, but for now I'll say that it's a story about...

the people and things

we hold on to,

and learning how

to let go.

it’s about prime numbers

and love

and the indivisible quality

of both.

it’s about worst-case scenarios

and best-case scenarios,

and everything

in the murky, miraculous


it’s about the moments

we can prepare for

and the ones that don’t come

with an instruction manual.

it’s about bullying and friendship,

anxiety and courage.

it’s about a desert in Arizona

and the river running through it.

it’s about underwater borders

and in-between places.

it’s about falling versus diving,

and drowning versus swimming.

it’s about crushed dreams

and first crushes.

it’s about family

and accepting

that the people we love most

aren’t perfect. no one is.

it’s about seeking pockets

of precious breathing room

in a claustrophobic world.

it’s about learning that it’s okay

to need help sometimes.

it’s about embracing

the thrilling and terrifying possibilities

of the unknown.

it’s about hysterical pranks

and unfortunate nicknames.

it’s about scorpions and hummingbirds,

and gila monsters, too.

it’s about finding your way,

even when your path

is littered with obstacles

that appear insurmountable.

It’s about the infinite,

and the impossible,

and refusing to give up.

lastly, it’s about hope.

it’s about remembering

that even when you feel

too sad to laugh

you can start with a smile

and see where it takes you.

Special thanks to my wonderful editor Julie Bliven. Grateful for the encouragement & generous words of Padma Venkatraman. Cover art brilliance & design by James Weinberg + @kris10nobles

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