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SLJ Books in Verse: These middle grade works speak to the heart through lyrical language

by Heidi Grange Mar 28, 2023 | Filed in News & Features

Well-written books in verse speak to the heart of readers through word choice, placement, and rhythm. Similar to music in its ability to touch the soul, the best verse stories convey a world of feeling in a limited number of carefully crafted words, phrases, and sentences. Even the spaces play a vital role in how the story unfolds. A few words on a page can convey great meaning when they are the right words, arranged in a way that highlights the power of the situation or emotion of the characters.

The books shared here cover a variety of times, places, and situations. Themes revolve around mental health, family difficulties, tragedy, and survival. Music, with its rhythms and emotional connections, plays a key role in a number of these stories. What they all share is the power of words to pull readers into the experiences of the characters, encouraging empathy and understanding.

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