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NPR Book of the Day

Beyond delighted to see my dear Arachne featured beside the incomparable Circe on @npr's Book of the Day. Fun fact: One of the very first author events I attended as a baby writer (way back in 2012, I think?) was to see @madeline.e.miller speak about her brilliant THE SONG OF ACHILLES. I was on the precipice of a career switch at the time, charting an uncertain course from architect to author. Hearing Madeline speak about her book, her persistence, craft, and passion sparked something deep within me. Shortly after, I began writing in earnest, keeping a promise to myself that I would finish my novel-in-progress, then hopefully write another, and another after that. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that a decade later, one of those future stories would find itself on NPR next to a book as special as CIRCE (But I dare say, they really are in beautiful conversation with each other!) Thank you NPR Radio Boston @tiziana.dearing @amandabeland @wbur for celebrating stories and storytellers!


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