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"Gifted poet and storyteller Caprara keeps readers engaged, varying the pace, cadence, and emotional shading of Arachne’s passionate refutation of the gods’ ruthless exercise of power and privilege. Her own anger serves her purposes; if speaking truth to power exacts a high price, it’s one she’s willing to pay. Exciting, richly textured, thought-provoking fare." 


“In Spin, Rebecca Caprara pulls together threads of millennia-old stories and weaves a completely fresh tapestry that unravels what we thought we knew of Arachne.

From the first page, lush, self-assured verse immerses readers in a world both mythic and all too familiar.


Award-winning author of

Blood Water Paint

"Via alternating past and present narration told in sensate verse, Caprara cultivates a tale of ill-fated competition between mortals and gods in this captivating read...Fittingly using Arachne’s mythos as a framework, Caprara navigates issues surrounding gender norms, grief, and trauma, while accentuating how art and storytelling can serve as acts of healing and advocacy. "


The Song of Achilles and Circe get a sapphic, young adult twist in this gorgeously lush, feminist retelling of the myth of Arachne spun in moving verse. 
Simon & Schuster
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Publication date: March 28, 2023
ISBN: 9781665906197​
Young Adult Fiction | Ages 12+

Sixteen-year-old Arachne is ostracized by all but her family and closest friend, Celandine. Turning to her loom for solace, Arachne learns to weave, finding her voice and her strength through the craft. After the tragic loss of her family, Arachne and Celandine flee to the city of Colophon, where Arachne’s skills are put to the test. Word of her talent spreads quickly, leading to a confrontation with the goddess Athena, who demands that Arachne repent.

But Arachne will not be silenced. She challenges Athena, and a fateful weaving contest ensues, resulting in an exposé of divine misdeeds, a shocking transformation, and unexpected redemption.

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"An impressive feat of storytelling."

—Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Fans of Greek mythology will find themselves immersed in Caprara’s novel-in-verse retelling of Arachne...Caprara weaves other myths—Daphne, Persephone, Aite—into Arachne’s story, tucking a strong feminist message into her lovely writing that is sure to resonate with modern audiences."


"Spin is a powerful feminist retelling

of an ancient tale about empathy and defiance,

written in beautiful verse from a truly unique viewpoint."

Margarita Engle

Newbery Honor winning author of The Surrender Tree

and Young People's Poet Laureate Emeritus

"In Spin, Rebecca Caprara recasts the story of Arachne for a generation of young activists." The Boston Globe

"Caprara spins heartbreak into art, myth into reality, and poetry into music, all within a masterful narrative frame. Spin is a stunning must-read."
—Colby Cedar Smith, Award-winning author
of Call Me Athena: Girl from Detroit


“Intricately weaves the myth of Arachne in beautiful verse that is filled with rebellion, hope, and longing. Perfect for Madeline Miller fans!”
—Kip Wilson, Award-winning author of White Rose

"Rebecca Caprara's SPIN deftly explores women's reclamation of their bodies, stories, and the power they ultimately hold. A love letter to story and storytelling...Raw, lyrical, and painfully honest. Arachne is a voice to the voiceless, and I firmly believe this new story will allow her to live forever." 
—Cody Roecker, Bookseller

"A remarkable twist! Absolutely stunning!"

—Ash Shaw, Bookseller, Ballast Book Company 

"A novel in verse worthy of the gods and goddesses!"

—Paul Swyden, Owner, The Silver Unicorn Bookstore

“Rebecca Caprara transforms an ancient tale into a sweeping novel in verse, contending with the misogyny of several famous Greek legends. The writing is beautiful, direct, and enchanting.”
—Julia McCarthy, Editor, Atheneum Books for Young Readers
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